Why is the site so slow, not responding, or blank?

First of all, our deepest apologies, we want the site to be a joy to use and nothing is more frustrating than a crash. 

Below is a checklist designed to help address questions such as: 

  • Why is the site crashing
  • Why is the screen blank
  • Why is the website slow


  1. Is your browser Chrome? There are known issues with other browsers. We recommend switching to Chrome. 
  2. Are other tabs and "Memory Heavy" websites and programs closed on your computer? Our software uses a lot of "juice".
  3. Is this a new report for a small and/or sparsely populated geography (i.e. a rural Wisconsin village)? see paragraph below

Re: Item #3 - There is a known bug that we are working on that if there is a data card missing for a particular area, then the Collection will not build and the screen will go blank. A temporary fix is to expand the area and try running the report again.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to build and improve!