Known browser errors occur with Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari

Internet Explorer is not recommended 

Edge browser is not recommended 

Some data visualizations and mapping software are not supported by all browsers. Below are the browsers we would recommend:

Browsers we would not recommend:

  • Internet Explorer = NOT RECOMMENDED
  • Edge Browser = NOT RECOMMENDED 

Reported Issues with Safari

  • Maps are showing up blank with a question mark in the middle.
  • The map visuals aren't populating

Reported Issues with Browsers

Area Selector Tool 
  • I cannot run a report because I'm stuck in the area selector
  • The area selector says Error !  and the area was not saved
  • I cannot type in anything in the area selector
  • I cannot type in my county name in the area selector 
  • The area selector will not generate my area
  • My area is not saving
Indicator Cards 
  • I can just see the numbers but there are no words
  • Data cards are blank or not showing words
  • Words are missing
  • I cannot see the words I can just see the numbers
  • Nothing is showing up
Map Room
  • There are no color labels on the map
  • The map is not showing data
Blank Indicator Cards