Video Tutorials and How-to Videos

Workshop: How to Create 10 CHNAs in 10 min

Learn how to create dozens of custom, branded Community Health Needs Assessments (or any other type of assessment!) using the template feature. Organize your assessments in a landing page.

How to Compare Areas Side-by-Side

A short video of a powerful way to look at different areas side by side.

BroadStreet in a Nutshell

A 3 minute intro video that is a quick overview of what is available on the site.

Important Tips for Getting Started

A 1 minute video about cards and tips on how to collect them in Stories (a.k.a. Collections).

How to Set Up a Class Project

Start a classroom collaboration. Let students publish their own stories to a group page.

These Videos are meant to help answer question such as:

  • What is BroadStreet?
  • Tell me about BroadStreet.
  • How do I learn more about BroadStreet?
  • How do I get started?
  • How do I compare areas?
  • Are there class projects or curricula?