How do I Log In or Reset Password?

First of all, our apologies for the inconvenience. We want BroadStreet to be fun and easy to use and nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck on the very first step of login and signup. This article will cover how to get logged in for those logging in for the first time.  

Sign In

If you have never signed up before, go to and click "Need a Membership? Sign up".

Note: If you have signed up on Community Commons between January 7, 2019, to June 15, 2019, your username, password, and settings will have all been saved at BroadStreet.

If you continue to have problems, see the Sign In Troubleshooting Checklist below.

Sign In Troubleshooting Checklist?

    • Is this your first time singing into
    • yes - continue to Step #2.
    • no, I've been here before - skip to Forgotten Password Section below.
  1. Have you clicked "Forgot your Password" by mistake? 
    • yes -  refresh the screen and click "Need a Membership? Sign Up"
    • no - continue to Step #3.
  2. Have you clicked "Sign in with Google" by mistake? 
    • yes - refresh the screen and click Need a Membership? Sign Up"
    • no - continue to Step #4
  3. In the "Sign in Up with Email" screen, have you entered a valid email and clicked "Send"? 
  4. Is the verification email in your inbox? 
  5. If email is missing from your inbox - 
    • Is it in your SPAM folder?
    • Hang tight - it should arrive within 3 minutes 
  6. If the email is not in your SPAM folder:
    • Is your email and inbox protected by a firewall that prevents 3rd parties from emailing? In that case, we recommend trying from home with a different email. 
  7. Have you found the email, but the button not working?
    • Simply COPY and PASTE the link in the bottom footer of the email into your browser (see image below)
  8. Have you clicked on the button that's in the email, and are now stuck on the form?
    • Check that there are at least 3 letters on FIRST and LAST name
  9. Still stuck? Please feel free to reach out if you are stuck or have any questions. Start a conversation with us from "HELP" toggle in the upper right header. We can help with additional questions.

Forgotten Passwords 

If you have created a new account after Jan 7th 2019 and want to reset your password, follow the steps below.

NOTE: If you do not yet have an account and clicked "Forgot Your Password" please refresh screen.

  • LOG IN > "Forgot Your Password?"
  • Enter email and click "Send"
  • Check email 
  • Follow steps to Reset password
  • Finally, LOG IN with your new password
  • If you still are stuck, refresh the screen    

We hope you found this article useful. It was written to answer questions such as:

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