How to Become a Sponsor

Sponsors are the heart of BroadStreet. Thank you! Sponsors can be anyone from team leaders, non-profit organizations, hospitals, or people trying to lessen the financial burden for other members. 

Vouchers can be purchased in bulk which will allow you to create an individual "sponsor code" to distribute. The sponsor code can be distributed to your team or community partners to make collaborating on reports easier. You can even purchase vouchers to distribute to BroadStreet members in need of financial assistance (i.e. members living in Wisconsin, members that recently graduated, or members doing COVID-19 research -- just let us know and we can help you distribute them).

Vouchers are great to track who on your team you have shared your sponsor code with!

To become a sponsor.

  1. Go to
  2. Click your picture in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Click “account”.
  4. Click “become a sponsor” on the left-hand panel. 
  5. Click “purchase vouchers”. 
  6. Click the quantity of memberships you would like to sponsor.
  7. Create your unique sponsor code to distribute to those who plan on becoming a BroadStreet’s member.
  8. Apply credit from referrals if applicable.
  9. Insert payment.

Check out this video to learn how to purchase sponsor codes (25 seconds):

That’s it! You are now a sponsor!

Once you purchase your vouchers and distribute your personal code, direct your team to the article on how to redeem a sponsor code under the Related Articles section. 

You can also share this video with them (23 seconds):

Please note that you are not able to redeem a promo code if you are under a sponsored membership.

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