The Different Types of Cards

There are different types of cards and each does something unique. 

Data Cards

Let's start with data cards. Data cards are interactive. Data cards saved to stories have Area Tags.  

Area Tags allow you to change an area quickly by selecting from your saved areas.

Create a set of data cards by running a report (see Tool Cards below).

Tool Cards

Tool cards can help you do many things: 

  • Create a Story
  • Build a Map
  • Browse Data Dictionary ... etc.

Often they lead you through multiple steps (e.g. selecting an area) and the end result is something cool.

Story Cards

Story cards lead to a story. Stories can be shared by anyone by publishing a story.

Map Cards

Map cards are made by you in the Map Room. Clicking on them will lead you back to the Map Room.  

Making a Map Card

In the Map Room, Click "Share > Add Map Title > Next > Save to > Select the Story Section > Save.

Click on a Map Card

Clicking on a map card that you have saved will lead you back to the map.