How do I publish My Story

Publish Stories in order to make them public for others to see:

This article covers:

  1. How to publish
  2. What happens to published stories?
  3. How do I share a published story?
  4. What if I lost the url? How do I find it again? 

Note: It is also possible to share stories by adding collaborators.  Collaborators can be given permission to edit the story.

If you are looking for ways to publish your story to print on paper or PDF, see the article How can I print My Story. 

How to Publish a Story

Every time a new story is created, a published version of the story is made. 

This option appears at the end of "Run a Report" process. 

You can also access the published story via the story editor. Left Navigation > Stories > Click on the story 

The "View" and "Edit" Buttons will toggle you between the story editor and published story. 

What Happens to Published Stories?

Published stories are available to BroadStreet members who have the link.

IMPORTANT: If you are not happy with your published story and you would like to edit it, simply edit and republish. The url will not change.

How Do I Share Published Story?

Each published story has a unique url. COPY & PASTE the url to share with anyone.  If you ever edit and republish your story, the url will not change. In the published story > Click "Share" button > "Copy Link (Read-Only)".

What if I lost the url? How do I find it again?   

No problem. If you published a story and would like to find the url of the published story, go to: Left Navigation > "Stories" > Select Story >  "View" Published Story > then Copy and Paste Url