What's a Story and how can I edit it?

Stories are editable pages that may be tailored to your interests. You can add text and images to create an in-depth look into a community. 

To see hundreds of examples of collections, see The Member Gallery on the homepage. 

This article will cover: 

  • How to find Stories
    • finding a report you've made
  • How to Create a Story
    • from Scratch
    • by Running a Report
  • How to Edit a Story
    • Edit Text
    • Shuffle Cards
  • Add & Delete
    • Sections
    • Cards 

See other articles for more advanced features of Stories such as:

  1. Change the Area Tags on Data Cards
  2. Add Images to Stories
  3. Share a Story

How to Find My Stories 

If you have made a story or report in the past and wish to find it, sign in to BroadStreet. Go to Left Navigation > My Stories > "Community Indicator Report" (or another name).

 If you are currently looking at a published story, simply click the Edit button. If there is no Edit button, you may not have editing permission. 

How to Create a Story from Scratch 

On the BroadStreet Homepage:  Go to Create New Story > Create a Story from Scratch. Begin to edit that story. Give it a title, change the featured image, and add sections.

Select Create a New Story from Scratch

How to Create a Story by Running a Report

A great way to get a pre-made story from a template is to Run a Report. We have a section of articles dedicated to how to do this under the Related Articles section. 

How to Edit a Story

  • All of the text is fully editable. Simply click to edit.
  • To shuffle cards, click the toggle in the upper right to: "Shuffle Cards"
  • SAVE changes when you are finished.

Be sure to SAVE when you are done editing. 

Add or Delete Sections

Click on the "Add New Section Above". To reorder the sections, click "Move Down" and "Move Up".

To delete a section, click on the "Trash" Icon on right: 

Add Cards to Stories

Collect cards as you browse through publicly shared cards and stories. 

Delete Cards from a Story

Delete a card by clicking on the "..." More button at the bottom of the card. Click "Remove Card" > Are you sure? > Remove.

This article is meant to help answer frequently asked questions such as: 

  • Is there a way to copy individual "cards" to include in a report
  • How do I add sections to a report?