How do I add, edit or delete My Saved Areas?

This article has 3 sections: 

  1. Delete a Saved Area
  2. Edit a Saved Area
  3. Create a New Saved Area

Delete A Saved Area:

  1. Go to Left Nav > My Saved Areas > find your area
  2. Click the Trash button in the upper right of your selected area.
  3. Choose Delete or Delete and Replace.
  4. Select Delete if you have no stories and/or maps associated with that area OR if you want those stories and maps to also be deleted.
  5. Select Delete and Replace if you have stories and/or maps associated with that area that you want to preserve. 
  6. If you do not have a good replacement area, consider editing the area (see below). All edits to a saved area will immediately update your stories and maps. 

Editing A Saved Area

  1. Go to Left Nav > My Saved Areas> Select your area
  2. Click Edit in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Edit the Area and Click SAVE
  4. Click X to CLOSE. You may need to Refresh the screen
  5. IMPORTANT: After editing an area, all of your stories using that area will update automatically

See the example below about editing an area and changing it from Atlanta to Milwaukee: 

Create a New Saved Area

The quickest way to create a new area is to:

  1. go to the Left Navigation Menu > Select My Saved Areas.
  2. click Create New Area.
  3. Follow the steps of the Area Selector to create a new area 
  4. Pick a list of ZIP codes, cities, or counties > type in the areas you want to include. 
  5. Name the Area
  6. Click Generate > Click Save > Click X Close.
  7. Your new area should appear in your list and can now be used to run reports or make maps.  

Doing this will pull up the area selection screen. Follow the steps on this window to customize your area and then select Save in the top right corner. 

After you select Save you will see a message that the area has been saved and will be added to your list of areas. 

Having trouble creating an Area?

See our more in-depth article about Troubleshooting the Area Selector under Related Articles. Note: Chrome Browser is recommended. 

Hopefully, this article was helpful and answered the following frequently asked questions:

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