Can I download the data?


Yes! Visit our Map Room > Add Data > Download Data.

If you wish to only look at data for your community, and select only a particular area, please see the article "How do I hide or show areas on my map?: located in the Map Room section under Making Maps.

Another way to package data

You can now download data connected to the Area Deprivation Index (ADI). 

These indicators include:

Area Deprivation Index
Families below the poverty level (%)
High School Graduation Obtained Ages 25 Years and Older (%)
Owner-occupied housing units (%)
Households without a motor vehicle (%)
Crowding Households with more than 1 person per room (%)
Households without complete plumbing (%)
Households without a telephone (%)
Income disparity
Median family income ($)
Median gross rent ($)
Median home value (%)
Median monthly home cost ($)
Percent of population below 150% of poverty threshold (%)
Single parent households with children under 18 years (%)
Less than high school education (%)
Unemployment Ages 16 Years and Older (%)
Employed person 16+ in white collar occupations (%)

The ability to download this information is available in a new Data Download Card. 

To access this card, run an Area Deprivation Index (ADI) report.

Once in the report, scroll down to the data download card.

Changing Areas on Data Download Cards

The Data Download Card delivers a data package that corresponds to the Area Tag at the bottom of the card. To change the area, first, make sure the location to one of your saved areas. You can do this by clicking on the area tag in the bottom left corner of the card. 

This will open a drop down menu where you can select an area you previously saved. 

Once the area is set, you're free to download the data to an Excel file by clicking the Download button. 

1 Other "Hidden" ways to find the download card

You can find the new Area Deprivation Card in the Community Indicator Report as well. Click on the Map or "Disparities of Deprivation". There, you will find a data download card to save. 

For other items, download and export functions are something we are actively working on and think you'll love the data download functions we've got waiting in the queue.

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