How do I know the source of the data?

This article will cover how to find the source of indicators:

  1. In The Map Room
  2. In a Community Indicator Report
  3. In General

In The Map Room

We pull data from a variety of sources. Once you Add Data to a map, you On the map, you can view the source of the data by clicking the small blue (i) next to the indicator description in the Map Layers window. 

In a Story

The source of the data is available in the citation section of every data card.  

In General

A full list of our indicators and data sources is available in our Data Dictionary tool located in the Explore tab on left-hand side of the site.

This article has been written to help to answer frequently asked questions such as: 

  • How do I know the source of the data?
  • Where does your data come from? 
  • What are the sources of data?
  • What datasets did your indicators come from?