How to save, share, and download a map?

It is possible to save a map that you have made in the Map Room. There are lots of ways to save a map and the data within it.

  • Save Map Image as a PNG
  • Save the Data by downloading a data file 
  • Save the link to:
    • share the map with a colleague or friend
    • bookmark the map for later.
  • Save as a Map Card:
    • in My Favorites
    • in a Story 
    • in My Maps 

Custom Map Cards can be saved in your stories:

Save Map Image as a PNG

In the Map Room go to Share >  Download > Image. The download should appear in your browser. 

Save the data by downloading a data file

In the Map Room go to Share >  Download > Data. The download should appear in your browser. It is a .csv file that can be opened with Excel, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet software.  

Save the link

It is possible by saving your work in the Map Room by creating a link.

In the Map Room go to Share >  Copy Link (Read-Only). Bookmarks this link for later or share it with friends and colleagues. 

Save as a Map Card 

It is possible to save your map as a card in one of your stories. Here is how: 

  1. In the Map Room create the map you want
  2. click Share > Save
  3. Give your map a title and click Next
  4. Select where you want to save the map:
    • by default, it will save to your Maps
    • Save to BroadStreet to allow others to see it in the member gallery
    • Save to My Favorites

To find your map again, go to where it was saved to view.

This map was saved to My Favorites: 

By default, all maps will be saved as Left Navigation > Maps. Here you can edit the title and delete maps you no longer want to save.

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