How do I add data to a Map?

This article will help answer frequently asked questions about adding data to a map in the map room and specifically:

  • Add data (from BroadStreet data engine)
  • Delete data
  • Add or upload my own data

Add Data

You can add as many layers to your maps as you want using data in the BroadStreet data engine. Here is how: 

  1. Go to the Map Room
  2. Click "Add Data"
  3. Browse Indicators, and filter by indicator name, geography, and dataset 
  4. Click MAP 
  5. When you have mapped all of the indicators, Close by clicking X
  6. View indicators by assuring they are checked and adjusting transparency on the top layer
  7. Customize your map by showing only your area.  Adjust color, geography, and year.  

Be sure to click the checkbox to show the data layer after you add it.

Delete Data

If you have a map in the map room and want to hide or delete a layer:

  1. See indicator in map layer
  2. Hide by clicking check box (see GIF above)
  3. Delete by clicking X to the right of indicator name 

Add or Upload My Own Data

Currently, there is not a button in our software for uploading your own data or a single location. If this is a feature you would be interested in, please and let us know what project you are working on and what would be helpful. Feel free to email us: 

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