How do I delete My Story

Only the Owner of the story can delete a story. 

As a collaborator on a story, you can remove yourself at any time.

This article will cover both scenarios.

Delete Story

If you are the owner of the story and wish to delete it, go to Left Navigation > "Stories" > Click on Story > Click on "Settings" > Click "Delete" > Are You Sure? > Click "Delete".

If you are viewing a published story, you will first need to get to the story editor. Click Edit to be directed to the BroadStreet story editor. Follow the instructions above. If you do not see "Edit" then you may not have editing permission and cannot delete the story. 

Remove Myself As a Collaborator From A Story

If you are a collaborator on a story and wish to remove the story from your list, go to Left Navigation > My Story > Click on Story > Collaborator Icons > Click "X" next to your name > Delete Me as a Collaborator > click "DELETE"

This article answers Frequently Asked Questions such as: 

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