How can I share My Story?

There are several ways to share a story. First things first: 



How do you want to share your Story?



A. I want people to help me edit it.

See the article on how to Invite Collaborators to a Story.


B. I want to share a url with a wide audience.   

See the article on how to Publish a Story


C. I want to share a printed hard copy on paper.   

See the article on how to Print a Story





Frequently Asked Questions about Sharing Stories:

  • Can I share My Stories with anyone?
  • How do I share the report with others?
  • Can I only share stories with members who are logged in?
  • I wish to present my new story. How can I share it for a presentation?
  • How do I print my report ... should I print my report when I can share an interactive version?
  • Is it possible to make stories, collections and reports (including Community Indicator Reports) available to the public?


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